The CNLCP® Certification Board is comprised of up to eight Registered Nurses, specializing in the field of life care planning, and who have earned the designation of Certified Nurse Life Care Planner (CNLCP®), as well as one public member with an interest in the field.

This oversight includes, but is not limited to, certification and re-certification of nurse life care planners and quality assurance of the certification examination, the later of which includes item writing and test content development, consistent with evidence based specialty standards for nurse life care planning.

  • Recognizes nurses who maintain continued levels of competency as a certified nurse life care planner.
    Ensures that all decisions made by the Certification Board are taken in accordance with the CNLCP® Certification Board established by bylaws and guidelines.
    Ensures that initial certifications and renewals meet established criteria.
    Holds in highest regard privacy and confidential information of its certified nurse life care planners.
    Does not discriminate against any person.

Are you ready to expand your nursing career?

Get in touch with the CNLCP® Certification Board and inquire how becoming a Certified Nurse Life Care Planner can take your nursing career in a new direction.

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