Certified Nurse Life Care Planner Certification Board Overview

The Certified Nurse Life Care Planner (CNLCP®) Certification Board invites applicants to become a Board Member.

The Board coordinates its business goals and objectives via monthly telephone conference calls with additional calls if needed. In person meetings occur one or twice per year. Board members agree to work on tasks to help meet the strategic needs of the CNLCP® Certification Board. Queries from members and/or the public occur as received.

The CNLCP® Certification Board member is a two year commitment. In the first year, the board member assist in assigned tasks. In the second year, the member will usually serve in an executive level such as Chair, Co-Chair, Secretary or Treasurer.

This voluntary position carries no stipend. Expenses (to be determined) are reimbursed for in-person annual meetings depending on the budget constraints of the Board.

The CNLCP® Certification Board benefits include twenty points of credit hours upon completion of the full two years of volunteer service, and recognition as a Board member. Moreover, as a CNLCP® Certification Board member you will be making substantial contribution to the CNLCP® specialty. Applicants must have a current CNLCP®, an unrestricted current RN license, and current AANLCP® membership in good standing.

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