Examine why certification is crucial for a nurse life care planner…

Our Certification

Certification is a formal recognition that validates knowledge, experience, skills and clinical judgment within a specific nursing specialty; and, as such, is reflective of a more stringent professional practice standard. It reflects achievement of proficiency beyond basic licensure.

CNLCP® Certification

Certification by examination affords the Registered Nurse with a current, unrestricted license, or its equivalent in other countries, for at least the past three years; and, a minimum of 2000 hours paid or “billable” professional experience in a role that utilizes the nursing process in assessing an individual’s long term/lifetime treatment needs and costs across the continuum of care, the opportunity to take the CNLCP® examination. Additional continuing education and/or life care planning experience is required.

It is the policy and intent of CNLCP® CB Members and Staff to comply with all applicable laws that prohibit discrimination in employment or service provision. No individual shall be excluded from the opportunity to participate in the CNLCP® program on the basis of age, sex, race, color, religion, national origin, ethnicity, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, and gender identity or any other protected characteristic. All publicly available materials, including the CNLCP® Certification Exam and the Handbook for Candidates, are reviewed for bias and sensitivity.



Total # of Candidates who took the exam-7

# of Passing Candidates-6

# of Failing Candidates-1

# of CNLCP® Renewals-16

Total Number Active CNLCP®s end of 2021 was 268


Total # of Candidates who took the exam-17

# of Passing Candidates-11

# of Failing Candidates-6

# of CNLCP® Renewals-39

Total Number Active CNLCP®s end of 2020 was 287


Total # of Candidates who took the exam-14

# of Passing Candidates-10

# of Failing Candidates-4

# of CNLCP® Renewals-40

Total Number Active CNLCP®s end of 2019 was 313