News from the CNLCP® Certification Board

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The CNLCP® Certification Board has updated their website.  Prospective Clients and/or Employers will now be able to locate a certified nurse life care planner (CNLCP®), as well as verify the status of their CNLCP® certification, through

The information published includes the Certificant’s name, state, month/year of initial certification and month/year of expiration.  We would additionally like to include a photo (e.g., headshot) of each certified nurse with his/her email address.  As such, if you would like to have your photo and/or email address included, please send your information to  Do note, that your basic information will still be published should you choose not to share your photo and/or email.

We thank you very much for your continued support of the CNLCP® Certification.


CNLCP® Certification Board


CNLCP® is a registered trademark of the CNLCP® Certification Board

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