To protect those we serve, the CNLCP® Certification Board adheres to policies and guidelines to maintain control and consistency in decision-making, auditing, confidentiality, representation and compliance.

All documents supporting eligibility to sit for the examination are evaluated by the CNLCP® Certification Board and Professional Testing Corporation (PTS) in conjunction with standards set forth by the Certification Board. A Candidate will be notified in writing of their eligibility to sit for the examination.


Should the candidate be deemed ineligible, he/she may appeal that decision by contacting the CNLCP® Certification Board in writing within 30 days and provide the grounds for the appeal and any supporting documentation. The information will be reviewed by the CNLCP® Certification Board and a decision on eligibility determined. The decision of the CNLCP® Certification Board is final.

Renewal candidates are randomly selected by the testing corporation for audit twice a year. Candidates selected for audit are sent a letter by the testing corporation notifying of them to submit documentation supporting their continuing education and/or points of credit. The testing corporation is notified upon audit verification to release the renewal documents.

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