Are you a Nurse Life Care Planner who is needing to re-certify your credentials? Take time to see the process involved with this below.

Certification for nurse life care planners is recognized for a period of five years at which time the candidate must retake and pass the current Certification Examination for Nurse Life Care Planners or meet such alternative requirements in effect at that time in order to retain certification.

The CNLCP® recertification criteria includes verification of 60 continuing education units (i.e. CEU’s or credit hours) in nurse life care planning, or completion of at least 12 academic semester credits of nursing coursework related to nurse life care planning at the licensee’s current level of licensure or higher.

Applications for Recertification along with appropriate documentation supporting the completion of the above CNLCP® Certification Board recertification criteria is to be submitted as follows:

  • Completed application and fees must be received by December 1 (if renewal is January), March 1 (if renewal is April), June 1 (if renewal is July), or September 1 (if renewal is October) for the year of renewal.
    Verified with a Provider Certificate of Course Completion that includes verification of the course hours. The Certificate of Course Completion should also include the name of the Course Provider, Course Title, Provider Name, Date, and Location of Course.
    Candidate must maintain an active, without restrictions, RN license throughout the certification period of five years.
    If the recertification application is delinquent but received within 30 days of its expiration, a late fee will be added to the application fee.
    If the recertification application is delinquent and received beyond 30 days of expiration, the candidate is no longer able to use the designation of CNLCP® and must submit to retesting at the full testing fee.
    Candidate is responsible for maintaining a file of Certificates of Attendance/Course Completion and all continuing education units for five years from date of their certification.

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