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Barbara Bate
about CNLCP
Published on September 27, 2016

In August 2016, the CNLCP® Certification Board renewed its U.S. Trademark for CNLCP®. Coincidental with this accomplishment, the CNLCP® Certification Board announced that the “mark” was expanded, as well as accepted by the US Trademark office, as an indication of the use of nursing services unique to Certified Nurse Life Care Planners.

At this critical juncture, it is essential that Certified Nurse Life Care Planners, as supporters of the trademark, assist the CNLCP® Certification Board in maintaining the trademark momentum.

First, to promote the mark as a nursing service, the CNLCP® Certification Board encourages each Certified Nurse Life Care Planner to insert the ® mark in their credentials when listing their name in documents, reports, websites, emails, and/or promotional materials. The purpose of the individual trademark usage is primarily to strengthen the rights of the mark as a distinct nursing service; and, secondarily, to showcase Nurse Life Care Planning as a unique nursing specialty.

Next, to continue to promote the strength of the mark, the CNLCP® Certification Board encourages Certified Nurse Life Care Planners to attach the bi-line that acknowledges CNLCP® Certification Board as the sole owner of the mark (e.g., CNLCP® is a registered trademark of the CNLCP® Certification Board). The purpose of the bi-line usage is to strengthen the rights of the mark’s ownership by the CNLCP® Certification Board; and, to avoid any situation where others can claim that it is not a trademark, but instead only a descriptive designation.

CNLCP® Certification Board expects that each Nurse Life Care Planner will appreciate the need to routinely incorporate the CNLCP® distinct mark, along with the CNLCP® trademark statement in all of their materials (see example of full mark and bi-line usage per the signature below).

Lastly, to further efforts that strengthen recognition of Nurse Life Care Planning as a specific nursing specialty, the CNLCP® Certification Board suggests that consideration be given to editing one’s marketing materials and websites to include narratives that explain that “health care services” and/or “nursing services” that include “nurse” life care planning, are the essence of the services provided by the Nurse Life Care Planner.


Janice Skiljo Haris, RN MSN CNLCP® MSCC

Treasurer, CNLCP® Certification Board

CNLCP® is a registered trademark of the CNLCP® Certification Board